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Did you know?  The APA Practice Organization's PAC is the only federal political action committee speaking for psychologists.

Get more information about APA's support for  prescription privileges for  psychologists (doctorate level) with advance degrees.

VPA advocates for legislation that promotes psychology and improved mental health care in both the Vermont legislature and in the federal House and Senate.

You can be a part of our legislative advocacy activity! Contact us to find out how you can help shape the future of psychology and mental health care in Vermont and across the country!

We will update you as new psychology-related legislation appears.  As of January 14, there were no other relevant bills pending.

For the 2019 session, there is a new Vermont  House bill to grant prescription authority to psychologists with advanced training.   The lead sponsor is Rep. Maida Townsend is the lead sponsor, and Reps. Dave Yacovone, Dan Noyes, Jim Masland, Heidi Scheuermann, and Chip Troiano have signed on as co-sponsors.

In the Vermont Senate, Senator Dick McCormack is submitting materials for a draft Senate bill.

If you are supportive of the Prescriptive Authority efforts and have a supportive perspective to share with your State Representatives or Senators, PLEASE send them a brief supportive message as soon as possible with your perspective and ask them to contact Rep. Maida Townsend or Sen. Dick McCormack to sign on as co-sponsor.

You can find contact information for your senators or representatives by clicking the button on the right.  Let Rick Barnett, our Legislative Chair, know who you contacted and if they are supportive!