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Why does VPA support RxP legislation?

Legislative  Advocacy

Recent & Pending Legislation

Did you know?  The APA Practice Organization's PAC is the only federal political action committee speaking for psychologists.

Get more information about APA's support for  prescription privileges for  psychologists (doctorate level) with advance degrees.

Mental Health Advocacy Day

Lynda Marshall, Executive Director, and Rick Barnett, Legislative Chair, attended Mental Health Advocacy Day on January 30, 2019, at the Vermont State House.  In addition to meeting with legislators individually, Lynda and Rick met with the House Health Care Committee, at its invitation, to introduce VPA and its work.

VPA advocates for legislation that promotes psychology and improved mental health care in both the Vermont legislature and in the federal House and Senate.

You can be a part of our legislative advocacy activity! Contact us to find out how you can help shape the future of psychology and mental health care in Vermont and across the country!

We will update you as new psychology-related legislation appears.  As of January 14, there were no other relevant bills pending.

THANK YOU! To the VPA Board, our active members (espcially Ann Raynolds), and to our legislators who accepted our emails, phone calls and heard the need for this small but important issue to help improve quality, cost, and access to mental health (non-pharmacological as well as pharmacological treatments). Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

In VERMONT: We have two bills: one in the House Health Care Committee (H.139) and one in the Senate Health and Welfare Committee (S.81).

The House bill has 10 sponsors, and the Senate bill as 7 sponsors.  In the Senate, both the Chair and Vice Chair of the Health and Welfare Committee are co-sponsors.  In the House Health Care Committee, there are two co-sponsors on the House bill but neither the Chair (William Lippert) nor the Vice Chair (Anne Donahue) are co-sponsors. Click links for list of sponsors and language of the bills.

This legislation has support from mental health counselors, social workers, nurses, physician assistants, physicians, patients, other providers, family and friends. We do NOT have support from the Vermont Medical Society or the UVMMC Depatment of Psychiatry.

NEXT STEPS: Contact the Chair and Vice Chair of the Senate Health and Welfare Committee to say why you feel it's important for them to take testimony on this bill.

Virginia "Ginny" Lyons - Chair, Senate Health & Welfare Committee-

Richard Westman - Vice Chair, Senate Health & Welfare Committee-

William Lippert - Chair, House Health Care Commitee -

Anne Donahue - Vice Chair, House Health Care Commitee-

We have total support and readiness to testify in support from Gabe Gilman, Lead Counsel for the Office of Professional Regulation. This is HUGE. We have an emergency department doctor and the director of medical staff at Copley Hospital ready to testify. We have support from the Naturopathic Physician Association, independent nurses and physicians, and others all ready to testify. If you know someone, or you yourself, who would like to give compelling testimony to either committee, please reach out to


Idaho passed their bill in 2017 and this spring they have a workforce ready to go.  Idaho State University is beginning a program for a master's degree in psychopharmacology.

Illinois and Iowa have made tremendous progress after passing their bills, with psychologists ready to prescribe and UNprescribe psychotropic medications.

New Mexico just passed an amendment to improve their 2004 bill.

There are 7 other states with bills in their legislatures.

Any questions? Reach out to Rick at  We will keep you posted.