Mental Health Parity

VPA continues to hear reports of consumer and provider concerns about insurance policies that provide a steeper slope of access to mental health and substance abuse services, despite federal and state laws requiring mental health parity in insurance coverage.

Do you feel that your insurance is not playing fair with access to mental health services? Here is a list of resources to provide further information on the topic:

Overview on Mental Health Parity

NPR’s All Things Considered

American Psychological Association Resources

Results of a national survey and an educational video, in addition to more resource links.
American Psychiatric Association

If you or your therapist are stymied and think you are being discriminated against by the insurance company, print out and discuss this poster and what action steps you can take.
VT Dept. of Financial Regulation, Insur. Division

Vermont Insurance Complaint Site

Milton J. Marasch, Ph.D.

Information About

Mental Health Disorders

In addition to speaking with your psychologist or mental health provider about your mental health or the mental health of a family member or friend, the following websites provide additional information about mental health disorders:

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Public Education and Outreach